Recent advances of molecular biology for veterinarians.

Specialists from scientific unit of R&D NARVAC conduct basic researches in molecular biology and molecular virology. Results of the research are used to develop new technologies and to creation of diagnostic kits. A recent achievement has been implemented in the production of diagnostic kits was based on the method of a real-time PCR. This method has already been successfully used in medicine. Now R&D NARVAC developed a new line of test-systems based on this method for a diagnosis of a broad list of infectious diseases of animals. Real-time PCR - the most modern and sensitive method for the determination of nucleic acids of infectious agents. Advantages of the real-time PCR:

  • reducing time of the analysis by a small size of amplificated fragment and lack of electrophoresis;
  • increasing sensitivity by the availability of an internal primer (probe);
  • not only qualitative but also quantify analysis of the genetic material;
  • reducing of contamination risk through the carrying out of all stages of the PCR in a single test tube and lack of electrophoresis;
  • establishing of multiplex systems to detect multiple pathogens in a single test tube;
  • it is possible to arrange the PCR-laboratory on a minimum area.

Scheme of the real-time PCR. Specific pair of primers and a probe are involving in the reaction. The DNA-probe contains a reporter dye (R) and a quencher dye (Q).

During the polymerase reaction the probe fragments are displaced from the target because of exo-nuclease activity of the TAQ-polimerase.

The reporter dye is separate from the quencher dye and thus results in increased fluorescence of the reporter. This fluorescence is captured by special real time machine (for example, ABI Prism 7000, Applied Biosystems; used drawings of how to use the device ABI Prism 7000, Applied Biosystems).

Test-systems, based on the method of the real-time PCR issued by R&D NARVAC, are available for each facility and include all necessary components for the analysis. Like any new method, it requires careful interpretation of results and the right approach to use. R&D NARVAC not only produces high quality test-systems, but the scientific division also offers ongoing cooperation and consultations of leading specialists of the company.

R&D NARVAC produces diagnostic test-systems based on the real-time PCR for following infections:

  • detection of Influenza A virus subtype H5;
  • detection of Classical swine fever virus;
  • detection and differentiation of North American and European strains of Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus;
  • detection of porcine circovirus type 2;
  • detection and differentiation of M.bovis and M.tuberculosis;
  • detection of bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) virus;
  • detection of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis;
  • detection of Rift valley fever virus;
  • detection of Parainfluenza virus type III.
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