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We wish to organize laboratory at our clinic, and we're interested in your inexpensive ELISA kits (canine distemper, parvovirus infection, adenovirus infections). How much will cost the additional equipment to your kits?

Veterinary clinic «Greis», St.-Petersburg

There is no necessity for purchase of expensive additional equipment when you work with our diagnostic ELISA kits. You need only microbiological pipettes and thermostat.

If you wish it is possible to discuss a question of training your specialists in our veterinary laboratory.

I was presented the puppy on my birthday. I am afraid that he can be ill and wish to inoculate him. How is it better to do?

Katya, Moscow

10 days prior to an inoculation it is necessary to lead preventive processing from helminthes (from our preparations for this purpose approaches Trontsil). After that you should inoculate (Multican-4, Multican-6). Vaccination is carried out twice, with an interval of 3 weeks.

I wish to give my dog a tablet from worms. Whether the hungry diet is necessary?

Ruslan Belyaev, Cherepovets

A hungry diet is not required on application of our product Trontsil. Trontsil is given once.

In veterinary clinic my cat was diagnosed – tracheobronchitis. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic in the scheme of treatment which needs to be applied intramuscularly, 2 times a day. I pity my cat. Couldn't you recommend an antibacterial product which has to be used less often?

Lyudmila Viktorova, Moscow

NARVAC produces prolonged antibacterial preparations. They are Rimoks (it is used intramuscularly, once at 48 o'clock); Triprim (it is applied intramuscularly, hypodermically, intravenously, once at 24 hours); Enrosept 5% a solution (it is used hypodermically, once at 24 hours). All these preparations are safe and possess a wide spectrum of antibacterial action.

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