The scientific and methodological conference "Analysis and quality control" went off on 27 to 31 October 2008 on the basis of holiday house Pokrovskoe in Odintsovo district. Representatives of Regional veterinary laboratories and reference centers visited the conference as the audience, centrally invited by Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance. read more


1335892 The international conference on a theme Prospects of increase in manufacture of pork on the basis of resource-saving technologies was held in Moscow .

The importance of a theme explains a large number of regions presented at the conference. Participants arrived from 53 regions of the Russian Federation . Besides domestic participants there arrived representatives of 25 firms from 17 countries.

The Opening of conference took place in the International Industrial Academy . The Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexey Vasilyevich Gordeyev and his assistant Sergey Nikolaevich Mitin addressed to participants with opening greetings.


Dyomin Nikolay Jakovlevich - President of Rossvinprom - the Union of Russian manufacturers of pork,

Dankvert Sergey Alekseevich - Head of Federal Service on Veterinary and Fytosanitory Supervision,

Skrynnik Elena Borisovna General Director of Rosagrolizing,

Mimikonyan Musheg Lorisovich - Chairman of Board of the Meat Union of Russia,

Lisitsyn Andrey Borisovich - Director of the V.M. Gorbatov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of meat Industry,

Heinrih von Raihenbak Professor, Amandus Kal Inc., Germany,

Tardatyan Alexander Garievich - Technical consultant of Olltek, USA,

Podgursky Alexander Mihajlovich - Consultant of PIC, Great Britain

Cary Nowen Sales manager of VDL Agrotek, Netherlands .

Participants of the conference had an opportunity to get acquainted with high technologies and innovations at the exhibition of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of equipment, raw material and finished goods organized in its frameworks.

Managers of NARVAC noted the interest shown by visitors of the exhibition to the production presented on their stand.

The exhibition as well as all conference is one more proof that domestic veterinary science not only keeps its high positions but also continues to develop.


The device for sequencing DNA was launched in a department of molecular biology of NARVAC. This device allows to define primary gene structure of influenza virus and other infectious diseases of animals.


The source: Rossiyskaya gazeta (newspaper)

Strain behind fogs. Avian flu flew away but promised to come back.

Passions around avian flu have settled. However the forecast of the U.N.O. experts is very disquieting: the epidemic can carry away lives of 150 million people. Whether the dangerous virus threatens Russians? The correspondent of RG talks about it to the Head of Research and Development Department of NARVAC Alexei Zaberezhny.


From October 7 till October 11, 2005 the 7th Russian agroindustrial exhibition "Golden Autumn" was held in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Cente. This exhibition had time to prove perfectly for seven years of its existence and to become traditional and main review of domestic agrarian and industrial complex. A doubtless merit belongs to organizers of the exhibition: Ministries of Agriculture, Government of Moscow, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Agroindustrial Union of Russia, JSC All-Russian exhibition center.

Success of the exhibition depended extensively on its participants who were this time prepared especially thoroughly. Latest achievements of the largest agrarian and industrial complexes were presented. More than 2000 enterprises from 70 regions of Russia took part in the exhibition. Expositions of foreign participants were represented in such volume for the first time: Germany , USA , Canada , Italy , Czechia , Hungary , China , Vietnam .


Dear Colleagues!

The Company NARVAC invites you to take part in a seminar that is organized by our organization in the framework of the 7-th Russian Agroindustrial exhibition Golden Autumn 2005 which takes place in October 7-11, 2005 in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre. The theme of the seminar: Modern technologies for protection of cattle from infectious and invasive diseases.

More than 10 years NARVAC develops modern ways of diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of animals. The purpose of the present seminar is to bring to veterinary experts' attention all new that has been developed by our scientists and will help to make a plan of vaccination correctly and to choose the most effective and safe products for treatment of infectious and invasive diseases of cattle.

  Seminar: Modern ways of protection of cattle from infectious and invasive diseases takes place on takes place on October 8, 2005 in pavilion 69 in a conference hall of a business centre from 11:00 till 15:00.

The team of our scientists and experts also will be glad to see you at our stand where you'll be offered the full information and consultations on interesting and stirring problems.

Our stand is E5 in pavilion 69, the second floor.

Truly Yours,

General Director A.P.Kotelnikov


On June 3 the seminar on the issues of veterinary medicine of small animals organized by the Orenburg Regional Association of practicing veterinarians was held. Veterinarians of Orenburg oblast, Bashkiria, Tatarstan , Kazakhstan took part in it.

The company NARVAC was one of the sponsors of this seminar. Chief product manager Artur Seliverstov gave a report to veterinarians that was devoted to new develops. A sharp necessity in the organization of virology veterinary laboratory was found out in the course of visitation the veterinary clinics of Orenburg . The preliminary agreement was achieved about training of veterinarians in Moscow for the purpose of teaching methods of ELISA test-systems that are produced by NARVAC for diagnostics of canine distemper, parvovirus enteritis, panleukopenia of cats and adenoviral infections. A high professional level of veterinarians of Cat&Dog, Vetdoctor, State veterinary clinic on the Motornaya Street should be mentioned. Good references were received about the effectiveness of Polyferrin-A which the doctors of Cat&Dog clinic use in their medical work.


On May 27-28 the regional congress on the issues of medical treatment of pathologies of small animals in Krasnodar took place. Veterinarians of Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, Rostov Oblast took part in it. NARVAC was one of the sponsors of the event. Chief product manager Artur Seliverstov gave a report to veterinarians on the clinic experience of usage of Polyferrin-A.

The special interest of veterinarians was aroused by facts about high antiviral activity of this product including positive cases of therapy of canine distemper, infectious peritonitis of cats and other serious infections. Many positive references about medical effectiveness of the new injection antibacterial product Triprim that is produced by NARVAC were received from representatives of the State veterinary service of Krasnodar region.


On May 4-5 chief product manager Artur Seliverstov had a meeting with veterinarians of state and private veterinary clinics of Rostov-on-Don and made reports on production for small animals. We express separate gratitude for the help in carrying out of seminars to the chief of a treatment-and-prophylactic department of Rostov-on-Don veterinary service Vitaly Evgenievich Nosov.

Besides the seminar on products of NARVAC for regional veterinarians of Rostov region was organized. Veterinarians were especially interested in the relief remedy Tsiperil and new modifications of vaccines of ComboVac series. We thank the chief of regional veterinary station of Rostov Oblast Sergey Gavrilovich Postovoy for the help in carrying out of the given seminar.


The Russian Veterinary Congress and the XIII Moscow International Veterinary Congress took place in the hotel complex Izmailovo.

Visitors of NARVAC's stand demonstrated huge interest to ELISA kits for diagnostics of viral infections of small animals.

Some clinics of Ekaterinburg, Voronezh , Ufa , Irkutsk , Moscow and Sumy are planning the creation of laboratories and usage of diagnostic kits' data in its work.

Many positive references were received on successful application of the new antiviral product Polyferrin-A at treatment of infectious diseases of cats and dogs. Veterinarians noticed the high effectiveness of the product Triprim at treatment of bacterial infections.

The antiparasitic preparations of NARVAC Trontsil, Trontsil-K, Akaromectin, Otodectin, Tsiperil were as usual in wide demand.

Main visitors of the stand were veterinarians from private clinics of Russia .

The attention of practicing doctors was involved with reports: Coronvirus infection from an infectious peritonitis (FIVP) of cats up to an atypical pneumonia (SARS) - professor L. Enjuanes ( Spain ) and Specific prophylaxis of viral diseases of dogs and cats - professor B.G.Orljankin .

The report Definition of postvaccinal antibodies to a virus of rabies. Rules of import and export of animals - professor R.VanHerwijnen ( Netherlands ) - caused a great interest of representatives of state veterinary services.

Among participants of the section Problems of an infectious pathology of pigs were about 200 veterinary experts of veterinary services and veterinary laboratories of Russian regions, heads and main veterinarians of pig-breeding facilities and private veterinary companies.


"  Professor N.A.Vlasov with the report Epizootological situation on infectious diseases of pigs in Russia and prospects of its improvement

"  Doctor of veterinary Sciences V.S.Rusaleev with the report Respiratory diseases of pigs of bacterial ethiology

"  Professor, Doctor of veterinary Sciences V.V.Kurinov with the report Laboratory diagnostics of viral diseases of pigs.

Heightened interest of listeners was caused by reports:

"  Multisystem syndrome of an exhaustion and a role of cirkovirus in its ethiology, Professor Trevor Dryu - Head of Department of virology of Great Britain 's veterinary laboratories Agency.

"  Infectious respiratory diseases of pigs, Professor, Doctor of veterinary Sciences B.G.Orljankin

"  Modern methods of infectious pig diseases diagnostics, Dr.Sci.(Biol.) A.D. Zaberezhny

Participants of the section expressed desire to meet again and to expand a range of questions on the Congress-2006.

Rewarding by diplomas of the most active partners of NARVAC took place in the frameworks of the Congress:

"  The Diploma For the long-term and fruitful work on testing and development of NARVAC products for small animals was given to

Director of open JSC Veterinary clinic Movet, Moscow

Alexander Viktorovich Tkachyov

"  The Diplomas For successful and active introduction in veterinary practice of new products of NARVAC for small animals were given to

Veterinary clinic Sherry, Moscow

State Unitary enterprise Bashzoovetsnab, Republic of Bashkortostan

Open JSC Krasnodarzoovetsnab, Krasnodar region

"  The Diplomas For active long-term work on approbation and development of veterinary products of NARVAC for pigs were given to

The main veterinary of open JSC Vostochnyi, Republic of Udmurtia

Valentina Vasilyevna Bochkareva

The main veterinary of JSC Plemzavod Yubileynyi, Tyumen region

Ljubov Ivanovna Dementyeva

The main veterinary of open JSC Omskiy bekon, Omsk region

Andrey Fyodorovich Ovcharenko.

"  The Diplomas For active work on introduction in a veterinary practice of NARVAC products for small animals were given to

AS-market, Moscow

Medbiofarm, Republic of Tatarstan .

"  The diplomas For active work on introduction and professional application of diagnostic test-systems of NARVAC for small domestic animals were given to

Veterinary laboratory ArtVet, Moscow

Limited liability Company Bald, Kiev , Ukraine .

Our congratulations !


The Russian Veterinary Congress and the XIII Moscow International Veterinary Congress will be held at the hotel complex Izmaylovo (Izmaylovskoe highway 71E, Moscow ).

Dear colleagues!

NARVAC informs you that the following sections will work in the frameworks of the Russian Veterinary Congress and the XIII Moscow International Veterinary Congress:

Infectious diseases of cats and dogs. Following reports will be presented:

April 23, from 10:00 till 13:00 at The Large Hall of the concert complex Izmaylovo

Diagnostics and specific prophylaxis of infectious diseases of dogs and cats. Speakers - Professor B. G. Orlyankin, Professor V. I. Ulasov, the leading scientists in Russia in the field of veterinary virology.

April 23, from 14:00 till 17:00 at The Large Hall of the concert complex Izmaylovo

Coronaviral infection - from an infectious peritonitis (FIVP) of cats up to an atypical pneumonia (SARS). Speaker - Professor L. Enjuanes ( Spain ), world-wide acknowledged expert on molecular virology.

April 24, from 09:00 till 13:00 at Hall 3, building Vega of the concert complex Izmaylovo

  "Detection of postvaccinal antibodies to a virus of rabies. Rules of import and export of animals". Speaker - Professor R. Van Herwijnen ( Netherlands ), Director of the European veterinary laboratory - developer of innovative diagnostic preparations.

Infectious diseases of pigs. 7 reports will be presented:

April 24, from 09:00 till 13:00 at Hall 3, building Vega of the concert complex Izmaylovo

Head speaker - Professor T. W. Drew ( Great Britain ), the executive representative expert of the European Union on especially dangerous infectious diseases of pigs. Cospeakers: leading scientists of Russia on the issues of diagnostics and prophylaxis of pig diseases.

NARVAC invites you to visit our stand at the show-room of the hotel complex Izmaylovo.


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